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Feel free to send an email to daniel@dcounseling.com with any questions.  You can also contact me via phone at 732-462-7877.

Daniel Chabarek, LCSW (OWNER)

Daniel Chabarek, LCSW is the owner of Diamond Counseling, LLC.  With 17 years experience in mental health, substance abuse, and anger management.  I currently work to help individuals, families, and couples to improve their lives.

Holistic Approaches

We at Diamond Counseling, LLC strongly feel that natural strategies should be attempted prior to medication.  We also understand that there are certain circumstances that warrant medication.  In the event that a patient needs medication management or help with medication we will refer them to a qualified Psychiatrist.  If there are situations that require other referrals we will help as well.


Remember being in school and not wanting to do homework?  We will help change that philosophy.  We can give worksheets and helpful assignments to help you to improve your own life and people around you.  The homework you do on your own will be a big positive step in helping yourself!

Soon to be added.

We will update other staff members that work for Diamond Counseling, LLC in the near future.

Comments and Feedback welcome!

We welcome all feedback and suggestions.  Daniel Chabarek, LCSW will personally take any recommendations, comments, or suggestions seriously.  We also accept Credit Card, Cash, or Check for payment.