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About Diamond Counseling, LLC


Our Mission -

We at Diamond Counseling work to help each patient reach their goals and will individually set each goal to fit each your needs.  Our mission is to help improve lives of others and will mutually work together.  CBT Therapy (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) works to evaluate your thought process.  Once the problem is identified we will help you to reshape your thinking and challenge any negative or irrational thoughts.  At the same time we will help to suggest positive strategies to improve your life.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling

Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Therapy.  All ages from 4+ served including Children, Family, Adolescents, Adults, and Geriatric.  

Legal Involvement help or Court Involvement

Whether your on Probation, Parole, Court Mandated Treatment, or requiring other documentation for Court. Diamond Counseling, LLC is here to help.  We have been providing documentation for Mental Health, Anger Management, and Substance Abuse Evaluations and treatment since 2006.  We will gladly help you get through any difficulties you may be facing or required to do. 

DOT Evaluations

Did you fail a random drug or alcohol screening at work and need a DOT or NON- DOT evaluation by a qualified SAP provider.  Daniel Chabarek, LCSW is the person that can help with that. We provide DOT and NON-DOT evaluations for employees to help them return to work in the future.

In-Home Therapy for Children ages 5-18.

Daniel Chabarek, LCSW is a qualified by CSOC to conduct In-Home Evaluations through PerformCare (877)652-7624 if you contact them and request Diamond Counseling, LLC as the provider.  The process is free f your son or daughter qualifies.  Performcarenj.org is the site if you would like to read more about it. Feel free to contact Daniel Chabarek, LCSW for further information.

Most Insurances accepted

Most insurances are accepted.  NJ Family Care is not presently accepted.  Also we have 3 staff members presently with over 17 years experience for the owner and many years experience for other staff members, which you can find on the Our Staff Page.