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We provide Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment at Diamond Counseling, LLC. Our office specializes in Individual, Couples, Family, and Families of All Ages! At Diamond Counseling, Our Primary mission is to improve the lives of all through primarily Cognitive-Behavioral Therapeutic Approaches (see About Therapy Approaches).

Additionally, therapy is tailored to meet the individuals need so that it is in line with your goals and objectives for therapy. Counseling is viewed as a partnership working together to ultimately help you to improve your life! We will work with you to assist you to improve your life. This will help empower you and ultimately give you the tools and resources to work through even the most difficult problems in life. Seeking help for a problem is a sign of strength and the first step in making positive changes. Through Counseling you will be educated to fundamental principals, resources, coping strategies, problem solving techniques, stress relaxation techniques, problem solving techniques, and many other challenges in life.

It is important to also realize that treatment time varies on the individual, but generally therapy frequency is dependent on progress. Progress determines therapy frequency, as well as your own personal choice. Shorter-term therapy is practiced at Diamond Counseling as we strive to educate you and help you achieve your goals in a reasonable time frame.

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