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About Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The Basic Premise of Cognitive-Behavioral Approach in therapy is the concept that your perception and thought process effects your behavior. Not only does Cognitive-Behavioral approaches examine your thought process for negative or irrational thought processes, but also will help you to challenge and change your irrational thoughts to more rational and positive. This process as you imagine is not an easy task and may take some time, but Cognitive-Behavioral is specifically known for being time-limited. The length of time in therapy is really dependant on your level of functioning and severity of the problem. However, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is known to be the fastest of all therapy approaches for positive results to be achieved. The here and now will be the focus point primarily with concrete coping strategies. A big important aspect of CBT is that there is homework to be done on yourself, but this type of homework is to achieve positive goals that you set that will be a strong motivating factor. There is sometimes some in-session work done as well. These sessions will teach you how you can work on yourself outside the counseling environment.

Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches is that it will help you to 1) Understand your thought process through counseling and through work on yourself. 2) Identify negative or Irrational Thought Processes, 3) Challenge and Change any negative or irrational thoughts, 4) Develop Coping Strategies to positively deal with your thoughts. There are many factors that do play a role in problems (i.e. environment, past family upbringing, thought process, self-esteem, social interactions, lifestyle, etc.). However, it is important to understand that it is your perception and thoughts of these factors that determines your ability to cope with life events. As one can imagine there are many people that do not even realize the impact thought patterns that they have on themself.

It is very important to understand that thoughts, feelings, and behavior are all interconnected. Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches will help you to uncover how they are connected and what you can do to change that! It is taking a look at ourself and finding a way to change it by using our own strengths and thoughts to change things for the better. CBT is directive and structured towards goals you set forth in counseling.