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At Diamond Counseling, LLC, we help you focus on the solution to your problems, rather than the problems themselves. We empower our patients to better understand and recognize their inner strength, wisdom and abilities. Utilizing these strengths and abilities, we show patients how to make their lives and relationships better.

Daniel Chabarek, LCSW, SAP utilizes primarily Cognitive- Behavioral techniques to help challenge and change the way you think. He also utilizes Psychodynamic Approaches, which focuses on interpersonal relationships and how some of your behaviors and thoughts developed. He holds an MSW (Master's in Social Work) from The School of Social Work, Rutgers.

• Mental Health  
I.E. (Depression, Bi-Polar, Anxiety, PTSD, Eating Disorders, Adjustment Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Acute Stress Disorder, any other mental health difficulty.)

• Anger Management Services - All Ages

• Addictions (Alcohol and Drug)- SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) CERTIFIED
Population served- Children 5+, Adolescents, Adults, Geriatric, Family

Type of counseling available
• Couples
• Individual Counseling
• Family Counseling
• Marital Counseling
• Couple's Counseling
• EAP Services
• Career and Educational Counseling
• Group Counseling

Stress Relaxation Techniques include:
• Deep Breathing
• Progressive Muscle Relaxation
• Guided Meditation
• Visualization
• Specific Activities to help reduce disturbing thoughts, worries, and depressive symptoms.
• White Noise Stress Relaxation
• Various Other Needs

Other Services Offered
• Reports for: All Court Proceedings, DYFS, Probation and Parole, Drug Court, Divorce Proceedings, Evaluations, Anger Management

• Coordination of Treatment - At your request you may ask Diamond Counseling, LLC to coordinate with your other mental health or medical providers to help improve your quality of care.
• Referrals to higher level of care if needed-
• Psychiatrist Referrals if needed and requested- Provided that you feel you need to be evaluated by a psychiatrist for medication to address your mental health or substance abuse problem Psychiatrist referral will be given and coordinated at your request.

• Worksheets, Self-Esteem Enhancement activities, Goal-Setting, Problem-Solving techniques, Journaling to help improve your insight and to help you to challenge irrational thoughts or behaviors.

Diamond Counseling, LLC recognizes that each person responds best to different approaches and not everyone will benefit from the writing aspects of therapy. Although it is encouraged it is optional and you can be rest assured that counseling will always address your goals for treatment.